Henry Gordillo is a New Yorker living in Toronto, Canada. A simple statement, it says a lot about how he sees the world – as an urban explorer discovering new frontiers.  His photography is the embodiment of this unique perspective.

He has been honing his craft for over 30 years and currently teaches photography at the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University. While he may be an “old dog” when it comes to photography, he is still learning new tricks – Henry is an advocate for the new digital photographic technologies and was an early convert to the digital world.

Henry has been working on his photographic collection of the New Left from when he lived in the Bronx and Queens in the 1960s.  While re-examining the past, he is also working on the present with his street photography in Toronto.

He has completed photographic assignments in Central America including one for Life Magazine into the Nicaraguan jungle with a unit of guerrilla hunters.  As well he has worked in Europe, and continues his work in North America. He is currently preparing for a series of exhibitions and compiling additional portfolios from the vast collection of his photography. 

I photograph to bring my subjects out of shadows and phantasms
as lyrical and accurate images lest what has been seen altogether perish. – Henry Gordillo

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